We supply total solutions to operational and health care tasks

RV is a nationwide distributor of  approximately 6000 articles from numerous reliable and responsible national and international manufacturers and has a sizeable marketshare in various product-groups.

For the most part consultants and salespeople sell directly to the companies RV serves. For larger companies long-term, comprehensive contracts are usually made.

RV has always made a concerted effort to carry hygiene and health care products, cleaning articles and other products for the daily operation of institutions and companies.

RV offfers products and services that increase food safety, product safety and user safety for the HoReCa (Hotels, restaurants and cantines) business and the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) business

RV  runs a Cash-and-Carry store, which is also open to the general public. It is located in Réttarháls 2, in the east part of Reykjavik

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